When it comes to cheese, I trust the French wholeheartedly and when my friend Florence (a Parisian) suggested that we try out this little French restaurant and fromagerie at the edge of old Spitalfields market called Androuet, I was definitely not going to say no. I was in London last weekend so took Florence up on the offer and we decided to meet up for brunch at Androuet along with Jake and Seb.

The legendary House of Androuet was set up in Paris in 1909 & is universally recognised as a grandee among cheesemongers. From Camembert to Comté, Reblochon to Roquefort and Swiss Gruyere to Italian Mozzarella, this place has it all. Along with its other stores in Paris and Stockholm, this tiny little shop in Spitalfields is the place to be if you like cheese.

I love how quaint Androuet is, its the epitome of French dining with a small cafe styled restaurant crammed in the back of the cheese shop, it doesn’t get more French than this outside of Paris.


We asked for a table in the outside dining area instead of the cosy seating inside. Spitalfields Market transforms itself on Saturdays when the traders come out and sell their wares. And a table outside at Androuet is the perfect spot for people watching in the busy Saturday markets. They even have blankets and heaters in the outside dining area to keep you warm. Perfect!

The menu at Androuet is cheese heavy (surprise surprise) but I definitely wasn’t complaining. It’s exactly what I wanted to see.

Androuet Menu

 I ordered the Androuet Raclette served with speck and salami, potatoes and crudité which by the way is served only outside. The cheese was glorious – I couldn’t wait to melt it and dig in.


Cheese Melted 2

There is something  very satisfying about the smell of melted bubbling cheese and I loved every minute of the experience. The salami, potatoes and crudité were just as beautiful and I couldn’t resist taking a few photos.



The melted cheese wonderfully complemented the salami, potatoes and crudité. This is why I love French cuisine, its simple, elegant and absolutely delicious.

Androuet Raclette

Even Florence and Seb couldn’t resist taking a few pictures.  Future bloggers? 🙂

Seb and Florence

Florence decided she didn’t want a cheese overload and went for the Androuet Cheese Burger, made with 29 day aged beef and served with a portion of chunky chips  and homemade Mayonnaise. You can even choose the cheese that goes on the burger – options include Emmental, St Nectaire or the very English Cornish Blue. Not sure if 5 pieces of chunky chips qualifies as a portion but Florence and I aren’t the biggest fans of potatoes anyways so this didn’t really bother us.

Androuet Cheese Burger
Androuet Cheese Burger

The pièce de résistance at Androuet is undoubtedly the Androuet Fondue which is served with either peck and salami, bread and crudité  or charcuterie gourmande and bread. Seb and Jake were more than happy with this golden oldie. Comté and Emmental Grand Cru bubbling in a candlelit cauldron is a very very satisfying experience.

Androuet Fondue

You would think, anything served with a cauldron full of cheese would find it hard to compete, but the charcuterie gourmand was just as beautiful as the cheese.

Meat & Bread

Jake was more than happy with his choice as you can tell. 🙂


After the massive overload of cheese and wine, we decided we had enough cheese to last us a lifetime but we couldn’t resist taking a quick peek at the cheese on offer in the cheese shop. This shop is definitely a cheese lovers idea of heaven.

Androuet Cheese Shop

We did however pick up a pot of Framboise Yoaourt each before paying the bill and enjoyed the freshly made yoghurt as we walked around the Spitalfields market.


Jake, Florence and Rahul

I definitely loved dining at Androuet – it’s the ultimate cheese lovers paradise. It’s not the most elegant of dining spaces, its a restaurant crammed between shelves of produce after all but if you are willing to look past that, it’s a wonderfully Parisian experience. For less than £30 per person including a glass of wine each, it’s not too hard on the wallet either.

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