As you probably already know, I love my meat! So the idea of eating at a vegetarian restaurant doesn’t usually appeal to me, but then again, I am not talking about any ordinary vegetarian restaurant here – Bistro 1847 is in a league of it’s own. It’s one of Manchester’s best kept secrets and you will definitely not miss your meat when you dine at Bistro 1847. You don’t have to take my word for it. It recently also won an award for being the best vegetarian restaurant outside of London at Cook Vegetarian Veggie Awards 2014.

Bistro 1847 is named after the year the Vegetarian Society was formed (1847 if you haven’t guessed this already!). Opened in 2o10 by Damien Davenport at the corner of Mosley Street and Booth Street, its growing popularity has seen them open another branch in Birmingham.

Holly and Pippa were visiting from London last weekend and with Pippa being a vegetarian, we decided to take her to Bistro 1847. Nobody better than a vegetarian to review a vegetarian restaurant eh? When we arrived for supper on Saturday, we were greeted by a very friendly waiter who seated us immediately. Bistro 1847 is small, they have less than 15 tables snuck into a modern well decorated space – it’s cosy but in a good way!

Bistro 1847

I like descriptive menus and the menu here is exactly that, it makes you want to order everything on offer plus the prices aren’t too bad either! They do a 3 course evening service from Monday to Thursday for £20 and that’s including a glass of wine. For the food on offer here, that is one good deal!

Bistro 1847 Menu

Pippa, Holly and even Seb couldn’t say no to the Beer Battered Bite of Halloumi served with a Mushy Pea Emulsion and Sea Vegetables. It sounded so good, all three of them ordered it for their starters. And this dish definitely didn’t disappoint either when it was served. The halloumi was soft in the middle but crispy on the outside – just perfect! Top marks for presentation too, it was visually very appealing (as you can tell).

Bistro 1847
Beer Battered Bite of Halloumi, Mushy Pea Emulsion & Sea Vegetables

I wanted to try something different for my starter and after a lot of deliberation, decided to go for the Blackstick’s Blue Cheese and Gin Marinated Pineapple. This dish was just as tasty as it looks – simple but so very good! And it’s only £3! You can’t say no to that can you?

Bistro 1847
Blackstick’s Blue Cheese & Gin Marinated Pineapple

Again when it came to mains, Seb, Holly and Pippa loved their halloumi starter so much that they went for the Beer Battered Halloumi, Triple Cooked Chips, Vodka Pickles, Sea Vegetable, Mushy Pea Emulsion, Sailor’s Ruin Ketchup and Smoked Lemon. This was just as nice and they cleared their plates faster than you can say Halloumi. Halloumi!

Bistro 1847
Beer Battered Halloumi, Triple Cooked Chips, Vodka Pickles, Sea Vegetable, Mushy Pea Emulsion, Smoked Lemon

I went for the Beetroot, Spinach & Feta Filo served with Black Olive Soil, Cucumber Ketchup, Cherry Tomato & Caramelised Baby Gem, Crème Fraiche & Caper Baby New Potato. That is one long name but it tasted absolutely divine – the plate was full of wonderful flavours and textures, that you don’t really expect at all. I especially loved the black olive soil and the cucumber ketchup. Definitely a winning dish for me!

Bistro 1847
Beetroot, Spinach & Feta Filo, served with Black Olive Soil, Cucumber Ketchup & Caramelised Baby Gem,

We were quite full at this point having just eaten all that cheese, but we just couldn’t say no to the dessert menu here, so we decided to share a plater of Cinnamon Spiced Churro served with Yorkshire Rhubarb and Custard.

And as we waited for our dessert, we took a few pictures and finished off our bottle of white wine.

Bistro 1847

And then dessert arrived…

Bistro 1847
Cinnamon Spiced Churro served with Yorkshire Rhubarb & Custard

It was exactly what we needed to end our amazing meal. Again top notch for presentation but the jar of Yorkshire Rhubarb was so small, it was hard to scoop out with the given spoon, which was a shame as it was really nice. But other than that, the churros were just as delicious as everything else on the menu.

I really cannot recommend Bistro 1847 enough. The team of chefs here know how to make some mouth watering fabulous food which just happens to be vegetarian. This place is definitely a vegetarian’s idea of Heaven but you will enjoy it just as much, even if you aren’ a vegetarian. The service can be slow at times but they really do try their best and the staff are a very friendly lot. Bistro 1847 might be a quaint little bistro but the food being dished up here can hold it’s own against any of the ‘fine dining’ offerings in Manchester and for the price, what’s not to like at Bistro 1847?

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