Delhi Chalo = Let’s go to Delhi!

And that is exactly what I did when I was in India a few weeks back. Delhi is very special to me for so many reasons, I even called it home for a good part of my childhood. It’s also home to two of my closest friends, Jacob and Aanchal so I was really excited about visiting this capital city in the summer.

Seb and I got up bright and early to catch a flight from Bangalore to Delhi.

Seb Airport

It was such a beautiful day! The sun was out and the sky was beautiful.


And before we knew it, we were in Delhi!

I love this art installation along the wall of the Delhi Airport. These hand gestures (mudras) which are traditionally used to express thought in Indian classical dances, is a brilliant touch.

Delhi Airport

Delhi Airport 2

Aanchal picked us up at the airport and we checked into our hotel, which was absolutely amazing (more here) and decided to head out and explore the city.

We started off with a bit of shopping at Dilli Haat. Dilli Haat is a brilliant place to pick up traditional handicrafts not just from the Delhi region but from all over India. Small thatched roof cottages with a village atmosphere gives this market a great ambience. And more importantly, the prices here are moderated by the government which means you are not going to get scammed. Always a good thing!

Shopping 2


All that shopping can get quite tiring, so we picked up some Matka Kulfi to cool us off and keep going. If you don’t know what Kulfi is, it’s best described as Indian ice ceam but denser  and creamier. It’s traditionally served in a earthen pot (matka) and is absolutely delicious!

Matka Kulfi

Shopping done, we decided to do something a tad more cultural and decided to head out to the Hauz Khas village, an affluent neighbourhood in South Delhi established in the 13th century. It’s home to some very trendy restaurants and boutique shops but also is home to Hauz Khas Complex, a collection of beautiful medieval buildings including an Islamic seminary, mosque and a royal tank which is still in use today.

Haz Khan

Haz Khan 2


Haz Khan 5

Aanchal and Seb

It’s hard to believe that the motifs and inscriptions on the buildings have survived so long – they are absolutely stunning.

Haz Khan Village 4

Haz Khan Villge 3

The royal tank is just as beautiful. It’s hard to believe that this massive body of water exists right on the heart of New Delhi.


Aanchal, Seb and Rahul

Lake 2

We made the most of it and spent the evening relaxing by the lake enjoying the cool breeze and the beautiful view, catching up on life. I hadn’t seen Aanchal in over an year so we had enough to talk about.


Aanchal 2

It was an absolutely perfect evening.

After a bit more shopping in the boutique shops around Hauz Khas Village, we decided to head back to the hotel and get some sleep.


The next few days in Delhi were going to be awesome if today was anything to go by.

Indian Flag