Toronto Island is great!

It’s 570 acres of amusement parks, beaches (including a nude one), toy trains and yachting. It even has its own airport. With more than 2 million visitors each year the island is one of the city’s top attractions. Yes, it’s especially nice on a nice summer day, when you can take a ferry from the city and enjoy the island’s beaches and the warm weather with an ice cream cone in hand.

BUT have you considered visiting the island during autumn?

Ferry To Toronto Island

Railway Crossing - Toronto Island

Centerville Dock Toronto Island

Centerville Dock Toronto Island

Centerville Dock Toronto Island

Centerville Dock Toronto Island

Toronto Skyline - Toronto Island

Flowers - Toronto Island

Autumn Trees - Toronto Island

Come September, the amusement park closes for the winter; the water gets just that bit too cold to swim in and the leaves start to change colour to the bright golden hues that define autumn in Canada – Toronto Island resembles a ghost town. So why bother visiting the island at this time of the year?

You see a completely different side to the island. It’s absolutely stunning. Toronto Island is empty except for the people who call this lovely island home. If you ever wondered what it would feel like to own your private island, this is your opportunity. It’s eerily quiet except for the sound of the  birds chirping and the water gently hitting the shore. Rent a bike (or bring your own) and explore everything the beautiful island has to offer. Yes, you can come back in the summer for the beaches and the frisbee golf (look it up!) if you really want to.

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