I love Shrove Tuesday, its the perfect excuse to gorge on pancakes without feeling like a glutton!

Matt invited a me and a few friends to his flat for pancakes and wine (of course) last week to celebrate Pancake Tuesday . This year we wanted to do something different – not just the usual pancakes with sugar and lemon we always do. So we decided to experiment!

And we definitely did experiment! Prosciutto and sundried tomatoe pancakes anyone?

Savoury Ingredients Complete

We agreed that we would do two different pancakes – a savory one for the main and a sweet one for dessert. So, Matt, Emma and Seb got to work making the pancake batter as I snapped away with my camera.

Matt Pancake

Don’t think they were too happy about me just munching on nachos and playing with Poker instead of helping.


Rahul 2

So they got me working (sigh!) and made me chop up olives, sun dried tomatoes and cutting some prosciutto.


I didn’t mind if I am being honest, most of the prosciutto ended up in my mouth instead of the bowl! :p

Savoury Ingredients

Seb did help as well, just a bit though. I am going to take most of the credit for these beauties. And they were GOOD!

Seb Preparing


And after we munched through our prosciutto and sun dried tomato pancakes, we tried pancake flipping!


As you can tell, Matt was very smug about his pancake flipping skills. Emma, not as much! I can watch this video all day and still not get bored!

After all that pancake flipping and watching Emma’s video a few hundred times, it was time for dessert!

You can’t have sweet pancakes without strawberries!


I had tried enough experimenting with my savory pancake so decided to stick to the simple but delicious strawberry, sugar and lemon option for dessert. I did add some freshly ground black pepper for an extra kick though. That’s as far as I was going to go with experimenting with my dessert!

Strawberry Pancake

Emma on the other hand, decided to go all out. She made herself a cream egg pancake. I was expecting to hate this, but it was absolutely divine. Definitely going to be trying this again soon.

Creame Egg Pancake

I was so tempted to feed Poker some pancakes. Look at this sad face? How could you not? But I stayed strong and resisted.

Don’t worry, we did feed him before you ask 🙂


A few more glasses of wine and 4 pancakes each later , we decided that we had enough pancakes to last us a year (or two).

Matt 2

Happy Pancake Tuesday everybody! What did you do this year for Shrove Tuesday? Leave a comment and let me know.