Sometimes the simplest ingredients make the best meals and this French Burschetta is no different. I love it because it’s so simple yet so full of flavour. Perfect for a lazy Sunday brunch or for a light lunch or dinner. And its not too heavy on the waist either.

You can’t not fall in love with it.

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All you need to make some French Bruschetta is –

  • 5-6 Tomatoes
  • 2 Gem Lettuces
  • 1 Large Ciabatta Loaf

For the Dressing –

  • 3 Garlic Cloves
  • 1 Egg Yolk
  • 1 tablespoon White Vinegar
  • 4 tablespoon Olive Oil
  • 1 tablespoon Dijon Mustard

This easily serves 4 people.

To make the dressing, add the egg yolk and peeled garlic cloves to the white vinegar, Dijon mustard and olive oil and blend.

Blender - Sauce

Blend this till you get a smooth and thick consistency. You can also do this by hand if you don’t have a blender. Beat the oil into the other ingredients with a balloon whisk ( just like you would make mayonnaise). Make sure that you cut the garlic cloves into smaller pieces though if you are doing this by hand. And its as simple as that – your dressing is ready. And its so much nicer than the any dressing you can buy at your local supermarket.


Cut the tomatoes into halves and place them on a grill pan. Cut the gem lettuces in half as well and tuck them amongst the tomatoes on the grill pan. Don’t forget to trickle some olive oil over the vegetables and add some seasoning. I tend to stick to salt and pepper but season as you see fit.

Lettuce  Tomato 2

Don’t they just look beautiful? I love the contrast of the red ripe tomatoes to the green crispy lettuces.

Lettuce & Tomato 1

Grill for about 5-10 minutes till the tomatoes are soft and the lettuces have just started to colour. Don’t forget to flip the tomatoes and grill both sides.

Lettuce Grilled

While the tomatoes and the gem lettuces are on the grill pan, split the large ciabatta loaf into two halves. Trickle some more of the gorgeous olive oil over the loaf and pop this into the over for 3-5 minutes till the ciabatta is warm and nicely toasted.


Place the toasted ciabatta on a board and cover with the grilled tomatoes and gem lettuces and serve with some of that dressing you made earlier.

Complete 3

Spoon the dressing over your French bruschetta and dig in.

You want to eat this while the tomatoes are still hot and gooey and the ciabatta is warm. Simple, healthy and ready in less than 20 minutes.

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