It’s Seb’s birthday today!!!

And although he is turning 25, he still acts like a 4 year old kid jumping up and down in excitement because it’s his special day. But hey, birthdays only happen once every year so I completely understand why it’s so special. This year we had some of our friends come up to Manchester to celebrate this special day. After an afternoon spent in the Manchester Art Gallery and an amazing Mexican lunch at Lucha Libre, we decided to take it slow and spend the evening relaxing.

And before we knew it, it was 7 pm. Franky and Izzy being amazing cooks, let us carry on fooling around as they took over the kitchen to cook some dinner. And what a dinner it was! Parmesan Risotto with Bacon and Mushroom on a bed of Spring Salad along with a side of Kale Crisps.

Risotto 2

Kale Crisps

This was the BEST risotto I had ever had! Creamy, crispy and absolutely delicious. And the Kale crisps were an excellent touch. I definitely will be stealing this recipe.

Risoto Rice

After that amazing dinner, we knew it was time to party hard and that’s exactly what we did.


Group 1

Group 2

Jake, Rahul and Izzy

Matt, Rahul and Emma

Seb and Franky

12 shots for £10. Yes please!


That was enough to keep us going for the rest of the night. And that’s exactly what we did.


Seb Dsa

Group 5

Matt and Emma

Group 6

We danced and partied hard till the lights came on at 3am, when we decided to call it a night and walk back home. I am not the biggest fan of McDonalds but there is nothing more satisfying than a pitstop at a Maccy D’s after a night out. It’s one of my guilty pleasures and yes, I love it!


We stocked up at our golden arches and walked back home ready to hit the sack. What a brilliant night – good company, cheap drinks and cheesy music! Perfect!

Happy Birthday Seb! 😉