I was at the London Coffee Festival a few week ago (post here) and it was absolutely amazing! I had a great time trying out all the new caffeine hits coming out this year. There were so many wonderful products to try – the caffeine kick lasted me a good few days! To make your life easier (because I am nice like that), here are my top finds that you need to try out in 2016.

T2 Macha

T2 Cinnamon Matcha - London Coffee Festival 16

I am currently obsessed with the T2 Matcha collection. I was first introduced to the range at the London Coffee Festival but was lucky enough to be invited to their Regent Street launch event a few weeks ago (more on that here) and I am definitely  a convert! Matcha can be hit or miss, if you don’t buy good quality Matcha but the T2 range is absolutely brilliant – organic and delicate. Their new Matcha range features three specially blended flavours including Cinnamon, Chocolate and Mint. My favourite is the Choc Matcha, which is well worth trying.


Pukka Turmeric Gold Tea

Pukka Turmeric Gold - London Coffee Festival 16

Yes, I know this sounds strange but bear with me on this one. Pukka’s latest Turmeric Gold Herbal tea is not just delicious but also really really good for you. Turmeric, the queen of protective herbs is expertly blended with lemon fruit, aromatic cardamom and whole leaf green for a perfectly tasty cuppa which leaves you feeling renewed. Highly recommended.


Brew Tea Co.

Brew Tea Co Lemonade - London Coffee Festival 16

If you haven’t heard of the Brew Tea Co, you really need to look these guys up. They do some of the best tea I have tried. It’s always simple, nothing too crazy but they do it perfectly. All their tea is made in small batches and hand packed. They even make their own tea bags. Their latest offering is this amazing cold brew lemonade which is a special ice tea blend. It smells incredible and tastes even better. Perfect for the summer. Cold Brew is definitely ‘hot’ this season and these guys have some of the best cold brew you can buy!


Starbucks Teavana

Starbucks Tevana - Strawberry & Lemonade

Starbucks are finally introducing their range of premium tea in the UK. This summer, the coffee chain will introduce the first of three Teavana categories, Shaken Iced Tea which will be followed by two further Teavana categories; Hot Tea and Tea Lattes. I tried their Strawberry and Lemonade tea and it was incredible – fresh unique and delish. I cannot wait to see this launched in the UK.


Union Hand Roasted Coffee

Union Hand Roasted Coffee - London Coffee Festival 16

This wouldn’t be a good London Coffee Festival roundup if I missed the coffee right? Union does some of the best coffee in town. They are really passionate about their coffee – they hand-roast their coffee in small batches which scores 84 and above on the SCAA international scale – the definitive measure of coffee quality (translation – their coffee is as good as it gets!). I love the fact that they find and work directly with their farmers, paying them a fair price so they can invest in their farm, families, and workers. My favourites include the Revelation Blend, an expresso blend with hints of berries and the Great Taste award winning Natural Spirit Blend which comes with a beautiful candied lemon finish. Love it!


Hope & Glory Birthday Blend

Hope & Glory Birthday Blend - London Coffee Festival 16

I love these guys! Hope and Glory is a small coffee start up based in rural North Lincolnshire. They do some really nice hand roasted speciality coffees in a variety of forms, fresh to order and send straight to your letterbox. Their newly launched Birthday Blend launched to celebrate their website’s first birthday is the bomb! This light roast is a 50/50 blend of high grade brans from Brazil and Rwanda. Green apple acidity combined with white sugar sweetness makes this a delicate sweet fruity coffee which you really need to try.


Coffee Mongers

Coffee Mongers Regina - London Coffee Festival 16

I have never spoken to a bunch of people who are as passionate about coffee, as the Coffee Mongers team. Their passion and love for coffee is infectious. Coffee Mongers was set up in Lymington in 2015 by coffee veteran Tarek El-Khazindar and has been going strong ever since. They currently sell a range of four different blends but my favourite has to be the Regina. One of the best coffees I tried at the London Coffee Festival, with notes of bittersweet chocolate and an juicy aftertaste, this blend is a feast for your tastebuds. I cannot recommend this enough.


Café Royal Switzerland

Cafe Royal Coffee - London Coffee Festival 16

Swiss coffee at its finest. Cafe Royal is owned by Delica AG, one of the roasting companies in Switzerland and have been in the business for over 60 years, so they definitely know their coffee! I love this brand because they do Nespresso coffee capsules. As a Nespresso owner, you are fairly limited with your coffee choices if you want to try something different so it’s brilliant to see some more options coming into the market. I am big fan of their Espresso range which with its subtle acidity and hints of turmeric is sure to impress.


Lemony Lemonade

Lemony Lemonade - London Coffee Festival 16

You don’t have to love coffee or tea to make the most of the London Coffee Festival. Lemony Lemonade from the Kiwi company All Good is the best lemonade I have tried in my life. Period! Sicilian organic lemons and cane sugar from India makes this drink perfect for the summer. They also do a range of other drinks including Karma Cola and Gingerella but I was too fascinated by the lemonade to even try them. You can currently buy them at Waitrose but am really hoping to see it in more shops around the UK.


Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Drinking Chocolate

Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Drinking Chocolate

If you know me, you know I love Hotel Chocolat. This British chocolate brand by entrepreneurs Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris has always fascinated me. I love how innovative they are – they do cholcates, resorts, restaurants and anything else you can associate cocoa with. With over 80 shops in the UK alone, they clearly know what they are doing. Their newly launched salted caramel drinking chocolate was one of my best finds at the London Coffee Festival. So much so, I had to buy a few tins to bring back home. Grated flakes of a blend of mellow chocolate and caramel with a tiny pinch of salt is something you are going to find hard saying no to.


There you have it! My top 10 finds at the London Coffee Festival.  I hope you try some of these new caffeine kicks. Be sure to let me know what you think, if you do. Hopefully I see you at the London Coffee Festival 2017. Until then, enjoy your cuppa. 🙂