Saturday night was messy. Very messy.

So when I woke up on Sunday, all I wanted was some good ol’ greasy comfort food to put me back on track. Perfect time to try out the newly opened Red’s True Barbecue – so we headed out for a late brunch to try everything they had on offer. Red’s True Barbecue first opened in Leeds and its growing popularity means they have just opened up a new Red’s in Manchester opposite the town hall in the space LiveBaits used to call home.

Its quite a grand space and I was intrigued about how Red’s would use this building. As soon as you walk through the the mains doors, you will forget you are in cold gloomy Manchester – it is as South USA as its going to be get, this side of the pond and even comes with ‘that’ smell of glazed warm barbecue sauce. The restaurant itself is split into a few dining zones with its own unique feel complete with an open kitchen and a very impressive bar right in the centre.

Red's True BBQ

We were served by the happiest host I have even seen who very excitedly showed us to the table and handed us a few menu’s. I love how the menu looks like a bible complete with a cross on the cover. This is a recurring theme you will see all around the restaurant, they even have toilets that look like confessionals. Thankfully you can’t peep into the other cubicle!

Red's True BBQ

I have heard a lot about the burgers at Red’s – its been the talk of the town so I HAD to order one of the burgers on offer.

I decided to go for their legendary Pit Burger. When the burger arrived, I was surprised that it could even stand without toppling over! The pit burger at Red’s comes with steak, slicked brisket, pulled pork, streaky bacon, melted cheese, dill pickle, tomato, lettuce, ‘dirty’ sauce, American mustard, BBQ sauce served inside there house made burger all for £15.95. If you thought that wasn’t enough food, it also comes with a massive portion of fries!

Red's True BBQ
The Pit Burger

Doesn’t that just look amazing?

I couldn’t finish it. As much as I wanted to gobble it down, it was just too big for me. It was every bit as delicious as it looks, although I did find the meat slightly dry.

Red'S True BBQ

Will was definitely in an adventurous mood and ordered the Donut Burger. Sound strange? It definitely was! The donut burger comes with two steak burgers failed grilled over hickory, melted double cheese, smoked peppered bacon dirty sauce and deep fried crispy onions, all between two sweet glazed donuts! Yes, two sweet GLAZED donuts!

And its served with hush puppies and fries as well. This is not a small burger, Will couldn’t finish it unsurprisingly. He also found it slightly too sweet for his taste unfortunately. It definitely is a novelty dish and I can see why its been the talk of the town – its different. Different good or bad? I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Red's True BBQ
Donut Burger

Seb was more sensible and went for one of the ‘little plates’ on the menu – the Home Style Nachos piled high with red onions, tomatoes, chill con queso, guacamole, sour cream and even more of their special BBQ sauce. Little plate? Definitely wasn’t little but was absolutely delicious.

Red's True BBQ
Home Style Nachos

I love the various BBQ sauces placed on each table to go with the food. Don’t forget to try the Judas Ketchup and the South Carolina BBQ sauce – my personal favourites.

Red's True BBQ

The menu also suggests which drinks go best with the food you want to try. I really enjoyed my simple but tasty Marshmallow Heaven milkshake. Exactly what I needed to wash down my burger. Aren’t these bottles just great? They also have a good collection of beers on tap including the standard Brooklyn lager and some very impressive guest ales from America if you want something not as pink.

Reds True BBQ
Marshmallow Heaven

Seb and I ordered the Mississippi Mud Brownie to share which was served with a dollop of ice cream. This was promptly brought out and served without any cutlery to eat it with. We asked for a spoon and a fork and 5 minutes later, another waiter came out to ask us if we had cutlery and 10 minutes later we were given two spoons by a third waiter (still no fork)!  We decided that was good enough and dug in.

How many servers does it take to bring out cutlery at Red’s True BBQ?

Three apparently!

Reds True BBQ
Mississippi Mud Brownie

The Mississippi Mud Pie was quite good albeit being slightly too dry. We decided we had eaten enough food to last us a few days and called it a day.

Red’s True Barbecue is definitely different to what’s on offer right now in Manchester. Its  TGI Friday’s meats Almost Famous – if you fancy some sloppy, south USA comfort food that will leave you as stuffed as a turkey, look no further, Red’s is your kind of place. Service is still slightly rusty, but I am going to put that down to the restaurant still being new. Hopefully this improves with time.

Reds True BBQ

So am I am believer?

I think I am. It’s not ‘there’ yet but I definitely think this place has bucket loads of potential. I will definitely be going back to see how things change in the near future.

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