I love lobster – it’s such a special dish. Absolutely divine when done right and terrible when done wrong. So with that in mind I decided to try Steak & Lobster at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel in Manchester.

Bear in mind, this is a speciality restaurant that takes pride in the two mains they serve – Steak & Lobster. You can order other things but that wouldn’t be wise, would it?

Seb and I decided to try this place on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. it was nice and bright and the red pillars at Steak and Lobster were wonderfully inviting. I was excited.

Finding a restaurant that does lobster well is quite rare, but finding one that specialises in lobster is like finding a needle in a haystack! And I could not wait to try it out!

Entrance 2

The maître d’ was wonderfully sweet and seated us promptly when we arrived. The interiors at Steak & Lobster are simple and refined – it’s what you would expect at a Radisson Blu. The usual beige and brown wallpaper on the wall, uncharacteristic modern art paintings and statues scattered around and simple inoffensive furniture. I like it when the interior of a restaurant  has character but if I am being honest, the interior at Steak & Lobster albeit simple, really works. It put the attention back at what really maters, which is the food and the food did’t disappoint at all.


The menu is clear and simple – you either go for the steak or you go for the lobster. Both are served with garlic and chive butter, unlimited fries and unlimited mixed salad all for £17! They also do a vegetarian option of spiced sweet potato and mixed vegetable burger.


Seb and I decided to share a starter of chargrilled steak bites, with dijonnaise as we both wanted to try the lobster for the main and we thought it would be shame not to try some form of steak at Steak & Lobster.

It was a decision we definitely didn’t regret. The steak was cooked perfectly just as I like it – medium rare and pink in the middle. The dijonnaise was a perfect complement to the steak – not too overpowering or strong. My only issue was that there wasn’t enough of the steak to munch on.

Steak Starter
Chargrilled Steak Bites with Dijonnaise

Good waiters/waitresses are hard to come by but Steak & Lobster definitely have some really good people working for them. Our waitress was attentive made us feel very comfortable. She even suggested we try a bottle of South African wine which perfectly complimented the lobster.


We both wanted the whole lobster for our mains. I decided to have mine grilled and Seb asked for his lobster steamed.

And then it arrived, isn’t it just beautiful? The lobster came with a portion of fries and a mixed salad consisting of mixed baby leaves and banana shallots, dressed with parmesan, sunflower seeds and topped with crispy croutons.

Whole Lobster with Unlimited Fries & Mixed Salad

Grilled lobsters are really hard to get right, you grill it for too long and the lobster meat gets too chewy. This was done perfectly at Steak & Lobster – the lobster meat was succulent and juicy and just right.

Lobster 2

The mixed salad was so good, I couldn’t resist asking for an extra portion. You might as well make the most of it, it is unlimited salad and fries after all. 🙂

Eating lobsters is a messy business – be ready to use your hands. It’s well worth the juicy sweet meat hidden under all the shell especially in the lobster claws.

Rahul - Claw

Speaking of claws, I couldn’t resist playing with mine. Ooops sorry!

We ordered some dessert after all that lobster to seal our stomach and we definitely didn’t regret the decision. We decided to share the Knickerbocker Glory which for £4.75 was big enough to feed 4!

Knickerbocker Glory
Knickerbocker Glory

The Knickerbocker Glory was strawberry heaven and I was happy to fight Seb off for a bigger portion of the pudding.

Dessert 3

Feeling content we decided to settle the bill and call it a day. Overall, Steak & Lobster did not disappoint, it does exactly what it says on the tin. If you want some good lobster or steak that’s easy on the pocket in Manchester, look no further than this Radisson Blu restaurant. The service is friendly and efficient, the food is brilliant and the wine is not too bad either. A definite winner.

Have you tried Steak & Lobster? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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