Matcha Madness has well and truly arrived in London.

I have been obsessed with matcha tea ever since my trip to Japan in March, so it’s really nice to see it take off here in the UK. I first came across the T2 Matcha range at the London Coffee Festival and thought it was very impressive. It even featured on my top 10 finds at the LCF ’16 (blog post here)!  So when I got invited for the launch of the T2 Matcha range at their flagship Regent Street store, I jumped at the opportunity to go in for a cuppa.

T2 Regent Street Store

T2 Cups - Regent Street

T2 Matcha Tea - Regent Street

T2 Choc Matcha Tea

Macha White Chocolate - T2

Matcha Ceremony T2

Chocolate Soy Matcha Millshake

Chocolate Matcha Milkshake with Soy MIlk T2

T2 Goodie Bag

Not sure what Matcha is? With the matcha craze growing so fast, you are bound to come across this pretty soon (if not already!). Matcha literally means “powdered tea“. Unlike traditional green tea, with this Japanese brew, you are drinking the actual leaves which have been finely powdered. Matcha is a more potent source of nutrients than your normal green tea because of its high quality and the fact that the whole leaves are used. In addition to providing small amounts of vitamins and minerals, matcha is also rich in antioxidants. The point I am trying to make is that you need matcha in your life….NOW!

I love walking into the T2 store. It’s an explosion of colour! Bright coloured tea boxes, vibrant tea pots and cups – your eyes can’t help but wonder and take everything in. It was no different this time – there was so much going on. Seb and I headed straight to the bar (like duh!). It’s not just any bar because here you have the exceptionally knowledgable T2 staff who on this occasion made us some amazing Chocolate Matcha Milkshake with Vanilla Soya Milk – it tasted as amazing as it sounds! We also tried our hands at a traditional matcha ceremony while munching on some matcha flavoured white chocolate. If you love your matcha, this was the place to be.

Matcha can be hit or miss, if you don’t buy good quality matcha that is; but the T2 range is absolutely brilliant. Their new organic range features three specially blended flavours including Cinnamon, Chocolate and Mint. At £24 a tin, it’s not cheap but the quality is definitely noticeable. They also have the more traditional matcha tins (£20) if you aren’t feeling too adventurous.

I walked out of the store having spent a little more than I intended too (as always) but treated myself to the Choc Matcha tea along with a T2 matcha flask which comes with it an inbuilt whisk for the times you don’t fancy making matcha the traditional way (with a matcha bowl and bamboo whisk). I usually walk to work and this flask has been giving me company along the way getting me ready for the day ahead – I cannot recommend it enough.

The full T2 Matcha range can be found here.

Have you caught the Matcha madness yet? Leave a comment below and let me know.