Lantana Cafe

Lantana Cafe, Fitzrovia
The problem with being a blogger is that you end up with a lot of blogger friends. Although I really like having friends who are a bloggers, I feel really bad for my non-blogging friends who end up going out with me for a meal. Why you ask? It’s not…
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Moose Coffee

Moose Coffee is one of my favourite brunch places in Manchester. It’s nestled prominently in the corner of Fountain Street and York Street, perfect for a quick brunch while out shopping in the city centre or for a hangover cure after a night out, which is what brought me to…
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Sausage Danish

As you probably have figured out by now, I am a big fan of sausages. I love sausages and how versatile they can be for cooking. Nothing beats a few grilled pork sausages for breakfast but if you fancy taking it to the next level, these Sausage Danishes are exactly…
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