Miller & Carter, Manchester

Miller and Carter Manchester
A good steak is a rare find. Ever rarer if you live in Manchester. So I was quite excited about Miller and Carter taking up the very impressive Lloyds Bank building at the Cross Street end of King Street and turning it into one of their steak houses. Yes. it’s a…
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Jamie’s Italian Manchester

Jamie’s Italian Manchester, Where do I even start? Yes, its a chain restaurant, No Jamie isn’t in the kitchen working away preparing your perfect meal but so what? I got a lot of slack the other day for saying that I like Jamie’s Italian in Manchester. But I genuinely do. I…
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Panama Hatty’s

Most restaurants try to do a single cuisine and if they are lucky they do it well. Panama Hatty’s is the complete opposite, their menu is extensive with dishes ranging from Mexico to Malaysia and everything in between! Seb and I were out shopping this weekend, and after a lot…
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