The World’s Most Mysterious Whisky

The Glenlivet Cipher Whiksy
A black bottle. No cask information. No tasting notes. Can you decode whisky’s greatest riddle? Intrigued? I know the feeling! As you know, I have been recently obsessed with Glenlivet whisky. My obsession even got me creating a special cocktail called Founding Father feating their Founder’s Reserve as a tribute to…
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The Wolseley

I like to to think I know the London restaurant scene pretty well. I make a conscious effort to try them all – the trendy new restaurants that seems to pop up regularly around town as well as those old London institutions that have been here long before I was.…
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Maze By Gordan Ramsay

Louisa (Seb’s sister) celebrated her 21st birthday last week. A 21st birthday is quite a special one and Seb and I wanted to make sure she had a great day. So we booked ourselves a table at Maze by Gordan Ramsay in Mayfair to celebrate the occasion. After all, you…
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