This weekend, I met up a few friends for brunch and we decided to try The Alchemist on New York street. I love a good cocktail and rumour has it, that this is the place to go to for a cocktail that’s out of this world. I wasn’t going to miss out on that was I? Yes it was 12.3o pm on a Saturday but so what? It’s never too early for a cocktail!

I like the relaxed ambience at the Alchemist. It’s not too pretentious and it’s not your average burger joint either – its just about right for a laid back brunch at the weekend or for drinks and some grub after a long day at work. It’s sophisticated yet relaxed without trying very hard to be either and I love that about this Living Ventures property. We were immediately served by the friendly maître d’ upon arrival and was promptly seated in one of the very comfy leather couches in the restaurant.


I love the subtle hints of the restaurant’s theme, the conical flask salt and pepper shakers, the specimen boxes on the tables for condiments, the vats at the bar filled to the brim with various alcoholic concoctions and the cabinets full of lotions and potions all add to the overall chemist shop theme at the Alchemist.

Salt and Pepper

If you don’t fancy some food, you can always give the glitzy bar a go – you have enough cocktails on the drinks menu to keep you going for at least a few hours.


The ‘mixologists’ at the Alchemist take pride in their cocktails and look like mad scientists mixing random chemicals together to make you your perfect drink. The drinks menu can be slightly scary with the endless options on offer but I would suggest asking your mixologist/server for suggestions. You can always try something different if you don’t like their suggestion.

Drinks Menu

Seb and I decided to try the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party which is infused at the table with a fresh fruit mix served warm and smoking in tea cups. This drink not only tastes amazing but also showcases some serious table chemistry skills!

Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Emma sampled the Colour Changing One as suggested by our mixologist and it was absolute magic. Yes, I am easily pleased and this brought me so much joy!

Colour Changing One
Colour Changing One

We ordered some houmous and mixed olives for the table. I am not the biggest fan of vegetable sticks but it went surprisingly well with the very smooth and creamy houmous.

Hmmous and Pita Bread
Houmous with Pitta Bread & Vegetable Sticks

For my main, I went for the Special Fried Chicken in a Basket which came with a side of fries and coleslaw. It actually came in a basket shaped like a chicken! The chicken was moist and tasted really nice. I did have issues trying to get to the chicken though – the basket is not very convenient but it definitely adds character to what would otherwise be just fried chicken.

Chicken in a Basket
Special Fried Chicken in a Basket

Emma and Seb gave the Fish Finger sandwich a go which is served with a side of fires served in a fluffy bloomer. It’s an old classic done really well by the chefs at the Alchemist.

Fish Finger Sandwich
Fish Finger Sandwich

The service at the Alchemist is exceptional – it’s something that makes me keep going back. The waiters are well informed of the different cocktails and food on offer and will happily help you go through the vast menu and make suggestions. The waitress who served us remembered that we had been there before and even suggested some new things to try on the menu – that level of service is difficult to find even in the best restaurants around. 

I had to have one last cocktail before we settled the bill though. And this White Chocolate Raspberry Bakewell was the perfect end to a great brunch. If you don’t fancy a full dessert and still fancy a cocktail of sorts, be sure not to give this one a miss. The white chocolate foam perfectly compliments the raspberry vodka.

White Chocolate Raspberry Bakewell
White Chocolate Raspberry Bakewell

I love the fact that the bill comes in a envelope aptly called ‘The Damage’. But the damage wasn’t too bad at all.

The Bill

The food at the Alchemist is a good accompaniment to the amazing cocktails on offer. It’s good simple comfort food made really well. Don’t go expecting gourmet food thats going to blow your mind – that’s not what the Alchemist is about. Go for the ambience, try the food but definitely stay for the drinks.

Have you tried the Alchemist yet? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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