Last weekend, I hosted a party for some of my friends from work.

It had been a long week and all of us really needed to let off some steam. Oh and sing our hearts out; and that’s exactly what we did. But more on that later.

Sing Star - Tom and Emma

This was supposed to be a sushi and karaoke party so I ordered lots of sushi from Mark’s and Spencer’s to keep us going before hitting the mic.



I was skeptical abut using M&S to cater for sushi but boy was I wrong! The sushi was perfect and went down a treat. I also got some non-sushi options for the sushi haters amongst us (yes, they apparently exist!). The sliders, chicken goujons and mini rolls were just as good.



After we lined our stomachs with some sushi, we bought out the shots.

Tom, Jordan and Rahul

And more shots!


Exactly what we needed to hit the mic and SING! Jodie and Tom started us out with some sensation singing.

Jodie and Tom

After a few rounds of SingStar, it was time for a sing off! Greg and Jordan teaming up against Seb and I, as we belted out Sk8er Boy by Avril Lavigne.

SingStar 2

Jordan and Greg


Safe to say, Seb and I won ofcourse. Even Dan who at the start of the night said he wouldn’t sing to save his life, had a go.

Dan and Emma

We took a few more pictures as we sang the rest of the night away.

Group 2

Jodie, Emma and Beth

Beth and Dan

Meysi, Jordan and Rahul

Rahul, Emma and Jordan

Jodie and Rahul

Jodie and Beth 2

The photos didn’t stop even when Beth fell off the couch as she gracefully posed lying flat on the floor.


It was time to open up the champagne but this didn’t go to plan either. Ooops!

Champage 2

A few more pictures and we were ready to hit the town!


Group Pic

We decided to go to The Liars Club, one of my favour tiki bar’s in Manchester where we danced the night away fuelled by their signature drink – the Zombie.


Liars CLub

Liars CLub 2

What a night it was – Sushi and karaoke parties are the way to go! Definitely going to be doing this again soon.